Fireworks on the Fourth of July     Doris and Piglet     Uncle Roger Reunited With His Panasonic Radio     Robert Sleeps While Dogsitting at Debbie's House     Mo and Lynn, Sebago Lake     Scott Trying to Teach Nikita a Dog Bone Trick     Doris Making Homemade Biscuits     Carl's 65th Birthday Party     The Boys Experience Having Cleavage     John, Bra     Robert as a Cheerleader     Robert Jumping Like a Cheerleader     Robert Playing Guitar and Andrew Wearing.......     Zack Licking Plastic Cake Top     Mary Nine Months Pregnant     Bridget, Brittany and Waldo, Halloween     Carl's Ice Fishing Boots Wound His Frozen Leg     Andrew, Hair Cut     Merritt's Road Rash, Oreos and Milk Requested     Road Rash, Mom Soothes Merritt's Wounds     Suzie, Bahama Beach Club     Boomer and Drunk Girl     Boomer, Party     Knocked Out, Plumbley's Party     Merritt Retires Another Leather Jacket to His Wall     Dad's Pinata Birthday     Vern and Pal Singing Karaoke     Girl's Night at the Animal House     Size Double D to B, Sister-in-Laws Breast Red.....     Robert Driving Scott's Truck     Robert Underwater, Saco River Canoe Trip     Abby as a Camel, Saco River Canoe Trip     Steve Passed Out, Saco River Canoe Trip     Minnows, Saco River Canoe Trip     Arthur's Stitches, Tumor     Halloween at Lynn's House      Applying Rambo Makeup, Merritt on Halloween     Holy Cow, Christmas Eve at Dave's House     Dave Celebrating Christmas     Lottery Ticket Garland, Christmas Eve at Dave's     Pinning the Macho on the Man, Flo's House     Grammy Tucker, Glamour Shots     John, Beesting     Shaking Tonya for Change     Lynn and Mo     Randy Sketching Snowman     Justin's First Day Home with Tyler     Stitch Removal     Seaweed Body Wrap to Reduce Fat Cells     Suzie Practicing for a Bikini Contest     Lindsay, Duct Tape Dress Form     Dale and Chris Playing Nascar     Mom Dying Hair     Tonya Breast Pump     Mom's Mammogram     Dad on Morphine, Third Knee Replacement Surgery     Plymouth Rock, Thanksgiving     Grammy Tucker Watching Dukes Of Hazzard     Sam Singing     Sheba,Rob and Nikita After a Snowball Fight     Molly,  Lamp Shade     Sunday Morning Word Jumble at Doris's House     Dad, Cujo and Mom Just Diagnosed  With Pneumonia     Dad's Duct Tape Hernia Belt     Lasky and Dad, Duct Tape Hernia Belt     Cushions, Dad's Second Knee Surgery     Penny Cleaning Skillet     Dead Mans Float     Waiting for the Moose to Return Their Call     Monique Instigating a Waterfight.